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Professional Experience of Raul Hernandez

2012 to 2017 — CHRISTIAN AID MISSION, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, VICE PRESIDENT OF DEVELOPMENT Developed and managed a Development Team. Implemented a donor-centric strategy bringing a growth of 15% in revenue per year. From 2012 $8M to the present $15M in 2016. Opened new high capacity markets. Conducted name and donor acquisition campaigns that brought in above half a million dollars per year. Implemented annual capital campaigns raising $3M+. Segmented donor database in order to streamline more effective and efficient donor services. Opened offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and Mexico bringing six and seven-figure gifts. Turned around an unsuccessful team. Analyzed assets which were HQ support staff, IT efficiency, customers, donor opportunities catalogs, and the forecasted opportunities. Hired three good HQ staff, redesigned overseas client protocols, implemented a supervision system for quality and fulfillment control to motivate donors and created a much stronger team committed to achieving annual revenue and profit targets. Incremented profitability at an annual rate of 34.4% and finished in a 5-year period with a 300% growth in revenues. Took over a business unit that was long on potential and very short on good performance with a mandate to get it profitable and grow or close it down within 12 months. Improved leadership and built strategic partnerships. Hired and built office managing, marketing, consulting, volunteering, and support groups. Developed accounting and managerial systems and protocols for receiving and distributing funds to support overseas community development and charitable work. In the role of VP of Development I personally raised $3 million fresh money in revenue per year from major donors.

2009-2012 — SPANISH PASTOR, HILL COUNTRY BIBLE CHURCH NW, Austin, TX. From a regular attendance of 20 individuals to an outreach cell system that touches more than 200 families in a year. Implemented an Area of Development Program that touched 8,000 families. Was recognized by my services as a Police Department chaplain and for my work assisting the Emergency Response team counseling victims of crime, death in the family, or abuse. I left this ministry to come back to Christian Aid Mission to assist it to grow in revenue.

2005-2009 — WORLD VISION, MIAMI, FL, MAJOR GIFT OFFICER Worked in conjunction with Development Team. Focused on developing large strategic opportunities and partnerships for charitable and community development programs in non-developed countries. Accounts included major churches and communities of faith, foundations, businesses and individual major donors in Florida and Puerto Rico. Mobilized entire cities to partner with my organization in fundraising ventures for over $1 million to sustain community development work overseas by networking, involving, and organizing strategic visits to the field for major city and community leaders as well as public and private organizations, businesses and individual major donors. Coordinated major events, raising an average of $300,000 by mobilizing volunteers and networking with major assets in the community. Produced collateral marketing materials in different languages to support overseas offices to assist consultants increase profitability. Produced P&L analysis to forecast a minimum 70% margin of profitability. Developed and managed a select portfolio of major donors focusing on large revenue. During the first year grew revenue from $250 thousand to over $1 million, by implementing a major donor moves management system.

October 2004-April 2012 — BARNABAS FUND Board of Directors -member (Development Team) Assist the US Executive Director in Development and Administration (volunteering).

September 2004-December 2005 — SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONSERVATIVES OF VIRGINIA Church Planting Missionary for Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Hispanics and Western Europeans Recruited 1 Hispanic church planter, assessed, trained in Basic Training for Church Planters, placed him on the field and mentored him in starting small groups. Started 12 multiplying small groups, 10 in Spanish and 2 in English. Mentoring 4 lay Hispanic church planter candidates. Mentoring 1 lay Kenyan church planter candidate. Networking with different community groups and organizations. Volunteering as Pastor for Evangelism and Small Groups for First Baptist Church of Rockville, MD

January 2003-August 2004 — DREAM BUILDERS COMMUNITY MINISTRY Board of Directors – Member (Development Team)

September 2002-August 2004 — OLD PUEBLO FOUNDATION Board of Directors -member (Development Team)

May 2002-September 2004 — CATALINA BAPTIST ASSOCIATION Church Planting Strategist Recruited 8 church planters out of town and 4 from Tucson: assessed, trained, mentored and deployed them. Developed a strategic plan in order to start 12 new churches in the year 2003. Taught Basic Training and Mentor Training for Church Planters in AZ, NV, and CA. Provided church growth consultation services to churches in the Association. Networked with churches for funding purposes. Developed a supporting network of church planters and supporting churches. Developed and directed a Church Planters Network to provide continuing training and planter-to-planter communication and accountability. Maintained mentorship and continuing training for 12 church planters. Assistant Pastor at The Oasis Church in the area of small groups (September 2002-September 2003)

April 2001-January 2002 — INTERIM PASTOR, IGLESIA BAUTISTA DE WASHINGTON (Hispanic Baptist Church of Washington)

February 2000 — APPROVED MISSIONARY for the North America Mission Board of the SBC (Feb. 2000)

January 2000-May 2000 — MINISTER OF SPIRITUAL FORMATION AND DISCIPLESHIP, (part-time interim position) Effort Baptist Church. Led and supervised the Christian Education plan.

1989 to Present — ADVISORY SERVICES WORLDWIDE as a Consultant. Specialized in consulting on humanitarian start-ups and global expansions. Advised on philanthropy, planned giving, capital campaigns, major gift fundraising, strategic planning, organizational structuring and re-structuring, branding development, management, and execution. Served on numerous boards, foundations, and associations nationally and internationally. Authored and translated various manuals and policy guidelines, articles of incorporation, mission statements and covenants.

October 1998-January 2000 — ALBEMARLE BAPTIST ASSOCIATION. Director of Evangelism and Church Planting Promote evangelism and church planting in Association churches. Assess and train candidates for church planting projects. Speak and provide training on church growth and outreach for Association churches. Develop outreach programs. Coordinate joint activities.

September 1995-October 1996 — Assistant Pastor, New City Fellowship (PCA) of Fredericksburg. (part-time interim position – volunteer) A cross-cultural and multicultural church. Tasks accomplished: preaching, contacting Hispanics in the community, develop an Evangelism Explosion team.

March 1995-May 2002 — CHRISTIAN AID MISSION Director for Latin-America. Administrative functions: researching, planning, organizing and supervising the work in Latin America. Set up funds collecting offices in countries of Latin America. Supervise the start-up process and the development of country-wide Missions Conferences and put in place systems for fundraising. Staff leadership duties: applying interpersonal and communication skills. Fundraising. Supervise the coordination of different offices and their fundraising systems. Maintain a donor’s database and supervise the relationship with donors.

Responsible for contacting and surveying new indigenous charitable, missionary or humanitarian groups in Latin America. Developed and managed the operations of project supervision and fundraising from the US and Latin America supporting charitable work in underdeveloped countries serving more than 2,000 national agencies overseas. Initiated major donor operations in Puerto Rico, implemented a new donor acquisition strategy and by hiring local consultants. Opened new markets by starting new supporting offices in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Brazil. Provide materials and leadership training as requested by indigenous missions’ groups. Grew from a revenue income of $85,000 annually to $1.5 Million per year. Left to become a missionary with the North American Mission Board. I felt that I wanted to be back to my church planting roots.

October 1993-December 1994 — PERIMETER MINISTRIES INC. Staff member – Hispanic Church Planter Administrative functions: researching, planning, organizing and controlling the church planting process. Pastoral duties applied interpersonal and communication skills. Fundraising. Responsible for leading, recruiting, training, teaching and counseling groups and individuals. Tasks accomplished: demographic research, core group formation (40 people) and development of contacts (60 people). Christian Aid Mission offered me a position as the Director for Latin America, and I accepted.

May 1993-1998 — THE CHURCH PLANTING CENTER TRANSLATOR and editor of new publications Translation and editing of advertising and church-related publications. Responsible for adapting, translating, evaluating and improving other’s ideas and written materials. Use of Macintosh and IBM systems to create and produce promotional, advertising, fundraising and communication materials.

August 1992-October 1993 — Sola Fide – Editor in Chief and translator for 5 languages. Assisted the new organization to design the materials, produce them and translate them into the languages I know: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. Left to accept a position with the PCA as a Spanish missionary.

1990-1992 — Church Growth Consultant for “Encuentro Con Cristo,” Santiago, Chile (1990, 1991, 1992); Christian and Missionary Alliance of Uruguay (1991-1992)

February 1990-April1992 — Senior Pastor of Encounter with God, Saavedra Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, in Buenos Aires city. We started an Arts School, a Mercy Center, and a private radio. We developed a ministry of homeless children as well. This church grew in a high middle-class level from 130 to 176 members. I left responding to an invitation to come to the US to assist a new ministry.

1989-1990 — EVANGELISM EXPLOSION III INTERNATIONAL International’s Directors Board – Latin America Representative. Represented Latin America. Train leaders in different countries of Latin America. Traveled throughout Latin America, making contacts to expand the ministry.

1989-1992 — Evangelism Explosion III International Advanced Seminars Expositor and Consultant

February 1988- February 1990 — Pastor of First Olavarria Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, in Olavarria, Buenos Aires Province. The church grew from an attendance of 50 to regular attendance of 200. We developed a strong ministry for adolescents. Here was the first time I implemented a mentoring system. Today, those who I mentored are pastors, leaders of ministries or Christian professionals. I left responding to a request from the denomination to pastor a church in another city.

1986-1988 — Cordoba Bible Institute. Teacher of Greek Essentials, Old Testament, Church Administration, Theology I.

1986-1987 — Church Growth consultant for Maranatha Armenia Brethren Church, Cordoba, Argentina

1986-1988 — Interim pastor of Maranatha Armenian Church in Cordoba, Cordoba Province. A church of evangelical Christian originally from Armenia invited me as an interim pastor. There were two services, one in Spanish and another in Armenian for which I needed an interpreter. I left to accept an invitation to be a senior pastor for a church.

ivate elementary school and a private radio station. Started a Mercy Ministry and a Counseling Ministry for immigrants and for dysfunctional families and young people with emotional or social dysfunction. Attendance 300 adults (plus 200 adults at the daughter churches) at the time of departure. Left for an offer in 1985-1986 — Pastor West San Juan Baptist Church. Church planting situation. Started with a core group of 25 adults; group grew to 200 adults in 6 months, started 3 satellite churches in 1 year. Attendance 250 adults at the time of departure. The church grew very fast and became more “charismatic” in a very anti charismatic regional association of churches. Decided to leave to let the church decide freely what they wanted to do regarding worship style. Years lately the association asked me for forgiveness for the situation they created. The church still is charismatic and growing very fast and large.

1981-1984 — Neuquen and Río Negro Baptist Association Baptist Seminary Branch director and teacher. Teacher of: Church Administration, Evangelism, NT Exegesis, NT Theology.

1981-1984 — Senior Pastor First Cipolletti Baptist Church. Renewal ministry. Church jumped from a declining attendance of 50 to 250 adults in 2 years. Started 3 churches in the region and 2 in the same city. Started a prthe city where my parents were living, needed to be with them due to my father health.1980-1981 — International Baptist Theological Seminary of Buenos Aires. Assistant Professor of Ecclesiology and Church Administration, Ideologies in Latin America and Contemporary Theology.

Educational Background

International Baptist Theological Seminary, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bachelor of Theology, 1981Evangelism Explosion III International
Levels I, II, III, IV, Youth, Clinic Teacher, Church Growth Seminar TeacherChurch Planting Center
Summer Church Planter’s Training Conferences, 1993, 1994, 1995Assessment Center
Qualified as Church Planter in Multicultural Setting, Score 4, 1993
Master’s Plan Discipleship Training

FAITH training

Buenos Aires Bible Institute

Several Courses in Advanced Level of Theology (O.T. and N.T.) 1991

Broward Community College, Broward County, Florida, 2007
Grant Writing Class



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