Publications Authored By Raul Hernandez

Redeemer Church Planting Center — Manual & Training Materials (In Progress)

I Should Forgive, But… by Dr. Chuck Lynch, Translation for Baptist Spanish Publishing House (Published)

Beyond Church Growth by Bob Logan, Translation for MTW Mexico (Published)

Connecting (Conexiones) by Stanley & Clinton, Translation for MTW Mexico (Published)

Caja de Herramientas Para Fundadores de Iglesias (Church Planters Toolkit) by Bob Logan, Translation for CDR, a CRC Editorial House Department

Jesús, Su Iglesia, En El Mundo En Que Vivimos (ABAP Publishing House) Youth Leadership & Social Involvement

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Los Matrimonios Jóvenes y la Obra Misionera (Baptist Publishing House, El Paso) Young Couples Involvement In Missions

Translation of Sander’s Real Discipleship (Hebron Publishing House, Argentina)

Author & Translator of Evangelism Explosion Materials & Manuals

Translator & Author of Several Christian Publications & Articles, & a Consultant for Greek & Hebrew on the Actualized Version of the Bible (Mundo Hispano, Baptist Publishing House)

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