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Consultation Services for Your Charitable Organization

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As you plan your next mission in service to the saints, Raul Hernandez is available for consultation and services that support your vision. He is especially gifted at helping churches and Nonprofits facilitate their involvement with indigenous ministries. He can present outreach projects that enhance the missionary goals of your church and real growth of your Nonprofit revenue to support your organization and mission. 

Consultation Services for Your Charitable Organization

Engage a specialist to help your organization raise money. Raul Hernandez is the nonprofit consultant at Eschatos Consulting, LLC in Palmyra, VA, and he offers a range of consultation services to nonprofit organizations. He has worked with many diverse groups and can guide the implementation of a relational fundraising strategy that is specific to the work you do. Benefit from his in-depth, hands-on experience in fundraising, marketing, and management. He offers  

  • strategic planning for global and US  fundraising operations, revenue growth plan  
  • analysis for readiness to grow 
  • development for international expansion,  
  • communications and public relations services.


  • Vision and Mission trips to verify what God is doing with donors generous gift around the world
  • Ministry audits to verify the correct use of funds


  • Missionary assessment to place the right people in the right places
  • Effectiveness analysis: to verify the right startegies
  • New trends in church planting: training for church and agencies leaders
  • Implementing a Transformational Community Development Program in a church planting context
  • Fundraising 101: how to fund your missionary projects 

Choose a strong leader with an intense desire to succeed. Raul Hernandez focuses on results, meets goals and objectives, and solidifies working relationships. He has proven experience turning failing nonprofits into flourishing ones. Learn more about what he can do for you. Simply use the online scheduling link on this page to book an appointment for an introductory phone call. You can choose the day and time while providing your contact information. 




eschatos consulting


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