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About Eschatos Consulting, LLC

Eschatos Consulting, LLC in Palmyra, Virginia, serves clients nationwide and specializes in helping Christian nonprofits that do global missionary work. Raul Hernandez is the company’s president. He works to minister to individuals, foundations, and churches, guiding and encouraging them to support indigenous missions in lands of great poverty or where Christians are a persecuted minority. 

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As you plan your next mission in service to the saints, Raul Hernandez is available for consultation and services that support your vision. He is especially gifted at helping churches and Nonprofits facilitate their involvement with indigenous ministries. He can present outreach projects that enhance the missionary goals of your church and real growth of your Nonprofit revenue to support your organization and mission. 


Raul offers to your church or Non-profit more than 30 years of ministerial and leadership experience. Please schedule a meeting by calling to his mobile phone (434) 234-7590 during office hours any day of the week. Or request a meeting via email to his personal email address raul33025@gmail.com.

May God bless you richly.

Your servant,

Raul A. Hernandez 



eschatos consulting

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